What Are Silicone Wedding Bands

“Strange, that dude’s wedding ring is orange… what the… how the… what do you mean it’s Silicone?!” I’m not sure if this is something you’ve caught yourself thinking. I did a few years back when I first saw silicone wedding rings or bands. But what are silicone wedding bands?

Now, surprisingly, silicone wedding bands aren’t new. They’ve been around since the 1990s. Cameron Bair (co-founder of Saferingz) had a very active lifestyle but was getting frustrated that his gold wedding ring wasn’t holding up under the circumstances and he was having to constantly replace it. Now, replacing a gold wedding band once, that can be eye-watering. But on more than one occasion… ouch!

Thus Saferingz was born and have been supplying premium silicone rings in the US ever since.

What are they made of?

Most are made of premium grade silicone. Silicone is a synthetic polymer that is composed of silicon, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It is generally non-toxic to humans and has been utilised in many other innovative methods.

Silicone wedding rings, well the good quality ones, are made from premium or medical grade silicone. These are, as you’d expect, the best quality silicones.

What are the benefits of silicone?

Now first off, silicone isn’t just any rubber ring. Whilst both silicone and rubber can tolerate low temperatures, silicone is far more resistant to heat and higher temperatures.

Silicone is extremely durable too and resistant to corrosion. It is bio-compatible and hypoallergenic.

It is also much safer than traditional metal rings as it eliminates the risk of ring avulsion. If you’re not familiar with ring avulsion, I’m not going to go into the gory detail, but it’s when a ring strips the finger of flesh/skin – most commonly caused when a ring gets caught on a piece of fast moving equipment or machinery. Yep, you might want to put that food away for later…

Silicone is 100% non-conductive, so if you’re working in the electrical trade, there’s no risk of shocks and you can show your commitment proudly whilst doing chin-ups on that power line to impress your work mates.

Another plus is that silicone rings and bands are flexible and thus, as with ring avulsion, the risk of injury is almost negated, plus it adjusts to swelling, which a metal ring would not.

Is silicone better than Tungsten or Titanium?

I would say so. Don’t get me wrong, I started off with the Tungsten ring. I loved the chunky and masculine look of it, the weight and the durability. Plus it was far cheaper than a gold ring, so if it ever got lost (which almost happened my first week of marriage – a story for another day!) it wasn’t going to break the bank to replace it.

However, tungsten does have it’s drawbacks. It’s still a metal, so has the same limitations as any other metal ring (conductivity, physical harm etc.). But also, under extreme pressures, it shatters. Now it’s highly unlikely that anyone would get into a circumstance like that, but God-forbid you’re in a situation where you need to have your ring cut off your finger – good luck!

Titanium isn’t as strong as tungsten, and doesn’t shatter but you’ll need heavy-duty cutters to get this off you in the same situation mentioned above – being so close to the finger though, it’s not something I’d like to risk. Additionally, a friend of mine had a titanium ring and although many claim to the contrary, it DOES scratch. It’ll last longer than gold, but it’ll show it’s battle scars too.

Teal Striped Silicone Ring Set (Man & Woman) – at Knotheory.

Where can I get silicone wedding bands?

There are a number of suppliers of silicone wedding rings out there.

Saferingz (US) was the pioneer of the silicone wedding band, but as they’ve gained in popularity, there have been more companies entering the market.

And a lot of them have fantastic products. Whilst in essence they’re all the same thing, each of the bigger brands offer their own unique take on the silicone wedding band. You’ll be extremely hard pressed NOT to find something that you’ll love from the main brands, particularly Enso.

The most difficult thing is having to choose which ring you like best! That being so, nobody said you need to only buy one…

4 thoughts on “What Are Silicone Wedding Bands”

  1. I 100% get the reasons for getting a silicone ring due to the many valid points you raised here. However, I need to get this straight. So are the silicone rings simply an additional ring to the gold ring that you wear during the daytime when at work etc. to protect yourself against injury and when you get back home you put on your proper gold ring? Or do you simply only buy a silicone ring now and that is it?

    • Hi Schalk,
      Yes and no 🙂 Some people choose to use silicone only as their wedding ring, some choose to have both (especially if you’re already married and have you original ring). At the end of the day, it’s up to the individual how they want to approach it. For me, the silicone ring(s) become the main ring and my previous (tungsten) is locked away, but not forgotten (special occasion etc.).
      Hope that helps.

  2. I think that having a silicone wedding ring is a great idea. It saves you money and from what I see in the photos they look great.
    I have a gold ring and it has sometimes gotten stuck on a tree branch, and the pull of it on my finger was scary … My skin was not torn off, but my finger was pulled really hard … and it felt horrible. When I am outside, I take of my ring, it is much safer.

    • Hi Christine,
      Wow, I’m glad you weren’t hurt! When this thing happens and it tears the flesh/strips it, it’s called ring avulsion. It’s really scary – so you’re doing the right thing by removing the ring. But if you want to keep wearing a ring(s) while doing any activity, a silicone ring is for you.
      All the best,


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