Silicone Wedding Bands For Men

If you’re looking for silicone wedding bands for men, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you a flavour of what they are and why you might want to try them out.

Firstly, if you’re still new to the concept and you’re interested in knowing a bit more about silicone wedding bands, you can check out this post.

The Original Bundle from SafeRingz.

Why do men wear silicone wedding bands?

The most active users of these types of wedding bands are men with active lifestyles or professions that have a high level of physical and manual interaction.

Most common examples are: first responders (police, fire fighters, paramedics etc.), military, personal trainers, building and construction workers, tradesmen (plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc.), athletes and professional sportsmen, therapists (massage, physical, chiropractors etc.), even stay at home dads! Anyone can wear them and anyone will find a reason why these types of wedding bands will suit their lifestyles better.


There’s no debating this, compared with metal rings, their silicone counterparts are very comfortable. You’ll never even know it’s there. 

Low risk

Ever made an involuntary movement and either scratched your expensive gold wedding band? Or maybe you’ve caused some grievous bodily harm? Ok, scratching yourself with your ring may not constitute GBH, but it can be ouchie! Or maybe you’ve heard of ring avulsion? If you haven’t, take our word for it, it’s something you’d rather avoid. 

You can be guaranteed that with a silicone wedding band, you’ll be worry free.


With price points averaging $20, you can be rest assured that your vital organs can stay where they’re meant to be if you ever need to buy another one. 

Easily replaced

We’re men, we lose things, it’s in our nature. We can’t keep a set of car keys safe, so a wedding ring is easy pickings for our innate ability to lose things. Look silicone rings are not magical, and they don’t come with “Find My (s)Ring” app. So if you lose it, it’s gone, just like any other ring. However…

With these rings, if ever lost, it’s easily replaced and it won’t break the bank either. Plus with shipping and delivery lead times these days, it’ll be with you in no time. She’ll never even have to know that it went walkies!

Trendy and fashionable

Yes, there’s also the opportunity to embrace something new and unqiue, something different that’s bound to get some attention from others. Now you’ve got a great conversation piece when you show that woman from across the bar who’s been eyeballing you all evening, that you’re married. 

Also, you can get a bunch of varying styles and colours and accessorise to match your outfit. 

Disclaimer: yes, this is a post about mens silicone wedding bands…

How do they differ from silicone wedding bands for women?

Generally men’s silicone wedding rings or bands are more masculine. They’re chunkier, bigger and are often more basic in their styling.

That said, there’s nothing stopping woman from wearing the same style of ring and most of the top brands will supply such rings in smaller sizes that would suit woman.

Our top picks

Here are a few of our favourite rings for men.

1. Titan Platinum Metallic, by Saferingz

A classic, original and timeless.

2. Bevel Comfort Fit, by Knotheory

Modern, chunky and attention grabbing.

3. Mens Classic in Camo, QALO

Unique and sure to make a statement.

2 thoughts on “Silicone Wedding Bands For Men”

  1. Thanks for this article. I never would have guessed there was a niche for this. But you’re right, how does a construction worker, first responder, or plumber do their job without losing his expensive wedding band or even ruining it. So my guess is, people who buy these silicone wedding bands only where them when they are engaged in behavior that might otherwise harm the real wedding bands and then, once they’re done engaging in that action, they put their real wedding bands on? Anyway, this is still a great idea.

    • Hi Shalisha,
      Exactly 🙂 It a way of preserving your valuable ring and using a seaprate, durable and stylish alternative for your every day/hobbies/activities without any concern for damaging/losing your precious ring. However, lots of men these days are using them as their official ring of choice (although they may have multiple styles/colours etc.).
      Appreciate the comment.


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