Silicone Ring Size Chart

If you’re looking for some guidance on how to size your silicone ring, look no further! Here we’ll show you exactly how to select the correct sized silicone ring with the below silicone ring size chart, courtesy of Enso.

So, how do you ensure the correct fit?

1. Make sure you measure the correct finger

Now this may sound blatantly obvious, but you’d be surprised. The fingers on your dominant hand are generally bigger than those on your non-dominant hand, so make sure you measure the correct finger on the correct hand.

2. What’s the weather like?

Remember that your fingers will differ in size in different temperatures, so if it’s cold they may seem a little smaller, as opposed to if it was really hot and your fingers had swollen slightly.

So make sure to take this into account and make sure you measure your fingers when at a comfortable temperature.

3. Use the size chart

4. Already have a ring that’s the perfect fit?

What if I fall between ring sizes?

If you find that your perfect ring size is in between that offered by the brands, our suggestion is to go for the smaller size. The reasoning here is that silicone is flexible (something your previous metal ring was not), but also, silicone rings tend to “relax” after a few days of wear. 

By going for the smaller size of the two, although the ring may seem a little tight to begin with, you’ll most likely find it relaxing slightly and ending up the perfect fit.

If you go for the larger of the two, you may end up with a ring that’s slightly too loose.

OK, got your size? Now to SELECT THE PERFECT RING!